Best Shonen Manga Review-

Kaijou no.8

Best shonen manga

Kaijo No 8 is a legendary shonen manga from the renowned, long-running series. Written and illustrated by Rin Kasahara, Kaijo no 8 follows the journey of three siblings through their perilous adventures in an unknown realm full of dangerous monsters known as kaiju. The story revolves around battles between these creatures and humans while exploring themes such as courage, love, loyalty, and friendship throughout its action-packed arcs. Its exciting fight scenes mixed with amazing plotlines make it one of the best shonen manga ever created! The artwork stands out among other works since every detail has been given special attention to incorporate emotion into each panel. Every character design showcases unique features that help bring life into them making readers form attachments to them quickly which helps create drama when tough decisions have be made during key moments within this epic tale filled with breathtaking suspenseful sequences often providing cliffhangers leaving you wanting more after every chapter ends! This heartwarming masterpiece deserves all your attention being something perfect for everyone whether they are experienced or new fans looking for a great read!


Liar Game is an extremely thrilling manga that will shock and amaze you. It follows the story of genius college student Namikawa who gets conned out of her savings by a fraudulent organization called Liar Game, sending her on a rollercoaster ride full of manipulation and deception as she attempts to get even with them without getting taken for another ride. The art style used in the manga perfectly captures its suspenseful yet intriguing atmosphere; readers have praised it for being incredibly detailed while still retaining simplicity so as not to take away from the action taking place on each page. With intense psychological themes at play throughout, this series proves itself time after time to be one of the best thriller mangas around! If you’re looking for something truly unique but nonetheless gripping then look no further than Liar Game – an amazing work that’ll keep your attention until every plot twist has been revealed!

Slum Dunk

Slam Dunk is one of history’s most beloved and iconic shonen manga series, having captivated readers since its release over 30 years ago. The story follows Hanamichi Sakuragi, a passionate yet volatile basketball player whose unorthodox behavior quickly sets him apart from the more traditional players on his team. It’s a journey full of struggles and growing victories that will have you laughing out loud or even tearing up at times! In addition to being highly entertaining, Slam Dunk also features life lessons woven within its pages, such as friendship and determination amidst adversity. Fans love this manga for highlighting individual strengths rather than shallow character comparisons – making it a fantastic read for casual fans and avid collectors alike! With stunning artwork by Takehiko Inoue alongside dynamic storylines packed with emotion, whereas many other titles get bogged down by conventions, there’s no doubt why Slam Dunk remains so popular today – Whether you are old enough to appreciate it when first released or young, these days wanting something new-Slam dunk has stood tall against time proving itself worthy through best shonen jump manga & quality storytelling & endearing characters which leave lasting impressions upon any reader who immerses themselves into this magical piece of work!

Tegemi Bachi

Tegamibachi is a popular shonen manga by Hiroyuki Asada and one of the best-selling in Japan. It encompasses various elements from fantasy to action comedy genres that will keep you hooked for hours! Follow Lag Seeing, a young letter carrier tasked with delivering letters across dangerous lands known as Beehive, an enormous floating island city teeming with fantastical creatures. Join him in his adventure as he faces incredible obstacles while maintaining courage and loyalty throughout thrilling battles and secret missions. With its exciting plot twists and comical fun moments, any reader can easily get lost in Tegamibachi’s captivating world! Its award-winning art style has earned countless fans around the globe, earning it a spot among many respected series out there today, making this recommended read great even for those just starting to explore what manga has to offer!

Yuu Yuu Hakusho

Yo-yo Hakusho is one of the best Shonen manga series ever published. Written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi, this award-winning series has captivated readers with its gripping story arcs for decades. Combining action scenes, comedy skits, and emotionally charged moments into a single package creates an unforgettable experience every time you read it. The main character, Yusuke Urameshi, is incredibly likable, as he fights against opponents who are much stronger than him while using his wit to outsmart them in combat situations, making it impossible not to cheer on his success regardless of what obstacles come his way! This classic tale follows all large franchises’ footsteps, such as Naruto & Bleach; however, it stands apart due to its more complex character structure, making readers follow closely each decision they make throughout their journey, even when wrong choices can be made too often leading towards some unexpected heartbreaks or triumphs between either allies/enemies sides at any given moment – truly creating a unique atmosphere unlike other shonen titles having seen so far before nowadays. Highly recommended reading for everyone interested in starting their own anime /manga collection, Yo yo Hakasho offers hours of entertainment no matter how old you are!


D.Gray-man is one of the most beloved and revered shonen manga series in recent memory, known for its captivating story, intriguing characters, fantastic artwork, and engaging battles. This famous action-adventure anime follows Allen Walker as he travels around a steampunk world fighting off an evil organization called Noah’s Ark using his powerful Innocence weapon to protect humanity from being destroyed by darkness along with some other mysterious allies who join him on his journey full of mystery and excitement that will keep you hooked. The art style has been praised constantly among veteran anime fans and newcomers since it provides exciting visuals no matter how many times they’re seen or read about due to its unique accompanying music score, making every moment even more impressive than before. With exciting plot twists each season and suspenseful fights against monsters and villains, this masterpiece stands out within genre boundaries, providing something exceptional for longtime followers and new viewers to enjoy together!

Sakamoto Days

Sakamoto Days is one of the best shonen manga series ever written, and it’s no surprise why. Since its initial release in 2020, this fan-favorite story has taken readers on a rollercoaster ride with plenty of action and thrills. The characters are memorable and likable, with unique backstories that make them genuinely dynamic personalities throughout the journey. Not only does Sakamoto Days contain elements from multiple genres such as comedy, romance, horror, and adventure – but there’s even more to appreciate within each panel due to some fantastic artwork that stands out amongst other popular titles released today. As an individual who loves fast-paced stories filled with unpredictable twists? Then look no further than Sakamoto days! This masterpiece by renowned author Eichi Kagami will offer hours of captivating entertainment to keep your eyes glued onto every page until you finish reading it for yourself!

Mashle Magic and Muscles

Mashle: Magic and Muscles is a popular Shonen Manga series suitable for all audiences. It follows the story of Mashle, an unlikely hero with magical powers that are useless in physical combat but useful against supernatural foes. With his faithful animal companion Ryoki by his side, he sets out to save the world from evil forces while simultaneously discovering who he truly is as a person and testing himself along the way. The manga combines elements of action, comedy, and magic into one gripping tale full of suspenseful moments paired with hilarious ones filled with heart-warming moments between characters bonding over their shared experiences fighting through obstacles together to romantically connected stories sprinkled throughout its chapters make this adventure stand apart from other shonen mangas available today on MyAnimeList or any various streaming devices! Whether you’re looking for excitement only found within battle scenes or matchless humor presented before each new saga commences. There’s something here in Mashle: Magic & Muscles waiting just around every corner worthy enough to have readers come back more interested than ever in continuing their journey alongside our brave male protagonist!