Best Sci Fi Manga Review-


best sci fi manga

Planetes is the best sci fi manga series that you can experience. Written by renowned mangaka Makoto Yukimura and published in 2002, Planetes captures your imagination with daring stories set in outer space. Following a group of astronauts working on a debris collection mission at the edge of the solar system known as space garbage, it’s an incredible journey filled with adventure and thrilling discoveries about our exploration to uncover mysteries beyond what we know today. Through captivating artwork, realistic depiction of futuristic technology & settings and thought-provoking questions, this epic tale makes us ponder deeply into infinite possibilities if we continue pushing ourselves further each day! With its sharp dialogues between characters that shape their destiny together while confronting ethical issues such as exploiting time warps or alien encounters, Planetes takes readers to discover uncharted frontiers full of fascinating experiences only found within beautiful moments from every page-turner—making it one absolute must-read for sci fi enthusiasts everywhere!


Bokurano is the best sci fi manga you can find. Created by author and illustrator Mohiro Kitoh, this masterpiece tells the story of fifteen children in a small seaside town who are chosen to pilot mecha machines against aliens threatening Earth’s existence. Through their struggles and bonds with one another, the children learn important lessons about war, friendship, betrayal, hope, and sacrifice that will stay with them forever. The artwork is beautiful as each character has a unique personality that shines through even in black & white, while individual scenes keep your eyes riveted on every page. With its powerful plot twists and heartbreaking conclusion, it easily ranks among some of the greatest sci fi mangas ever written, making Bokurano one must-read for all true fans of Japanese literature or those looking for something new to experience, hands down!

Astra Lost in Space

Astra Lost in Space is one of the best sci fi manga out there. Written by Kenta Shinohara, this story follows a group of eight students attending Caird High School on their mission to explore and discover new galaxies beyond our Milky Way Galaxy. During the five days they are set for exploration, each student must face unexpected challenges that will test both their physical and mental capabilities and face treacherous aliens determined to stop them from succeeding on their journey across unknown space regions. From discovering multiple planets and exotic beings throughout intergalactic travel, readers enjoy an action-packed experience as Astra takes its viewers through thrilling dangers at warp speed! This award-winning series brings together beautiful artwork alongside captivating storytelling guaranteed to keep you hooked until the end! So why take your seat aboard Astra today and become part of one incredible adventure? Be prepared for surprises when it comes to every twist or turn because nothing can prepare these characters for what lies ahead – only time will tell which path they choose while travelling through uncharted cosmic realms!


GUNNM, an iconic Japanese sci fi manga series from creator Yukito Kishiro, is the quintessential cyberpunk story that has delighted and inspired readers for decades. Taking place in stark contrast to a dark future of technological advancement and societal issues where humans become cyborgs to survive, GUNNM follows Gally (also known as Alita) as she embarks on a quest to discover her forgotten past even while trying desperately not to lose her humanity. This classic action/adventure drama allows readers everywhere access to stories filled with intense battles featuring creative robotic combatants set amidst gripping, suspenseful plots full of intrigue. With its unique, captivating artwork blended with futuristic visual effects depicting exciting scenes never seen before—except perhaps in dreams—it’s easy to understand why GUNNM remains one of Japan’s most popular manga titles today despite its debut twenty years ago! Experience this legendary masterpiece; join Gunslinger Girl, Gally’s incredible journey toward redemption!

Eden: It's an Endless World!

Eden: It’s an Endless World! is one of the best sci fi manga that offers readers a thrilling and adventurous journey into its richly detailed universe. Written by Hiroki Endo, this sci fi series presents fascinating characters in realistic settings while exploring advanced scientific concepts such as cloning, genetic engineering, and artificial intelligence. Set in 2032 AD after a pandemic has wiped out much of humanity, Eden follows Shu Ouma’s search for answers to why his world ended up as it did, with chaotic battles between factions vying for control over what remains post-apocalypse. This riveting saga features breathtaking action sequences alongside thought-provoking commentary on how people interact when faced with life-or-death scenarios, making it an absolute must-read if you are looking for an exceptional sci fi experience! With many twists along the way, fans will be captivated until they reach its intense climax, which promises not to disappoint – don’t miss your chance to dive deep into Eden now!


Gantz is an iconic and unique sci fi manga series that has captivated readers since its debut in 2000. The plot follows the story of Kei Kurono, a young man who unexpectedly dies after being hit by a subway train but is thrown into another dimension filled with deadly aliens threatening humanity’s survival. As he fights for his survival against this powerful alien force, Kurono must find allies to join him if they hope to succeed. Gantz presents complex characters facing impossible situations while exploring thought-provoking themes like friendship and mortality through intense action sequences and gripping, suspenseful storylines. Enjoyed worldwide as one of the most popular shonen manga titles ever written, Gantz continues to keep fans at the edge of their seats almost two decades later! With stunning artwork from author Hiroya Oku and thrilling cliffhangers drawing readers deeper into each chapter’s mystery, critics hail GANTZ as one of the best sci fi thrillers today!