Best Dark Manga-Review


Best dark manga

Uzumaki is the best dark manga you’ll ever read. From renowned horror genius Junji Ito, it follows a young couple’s descent into madness as they struggle against an unstoppable force threatening their small town in Japan – spirals! Uzumaki will take you through a twisted journey full of psychological dread and unexplainable phenomena that occurs during its many surreal situations. With intense artwork that fearlessly reaches new heights, exploring this eerie tale about one city’s preoccupation with spirals is guaranteed to leave readers captivated from start to finish. Not only does it bring unparalleled terror but also gives powerful symbolic messages for us all to ponder while being submerged within its mysterious atmosphere. If you’re looking for something deeply haunting and thought-provoking then look no further than Uzumaki – come experience true terror like never before!


Homunculus is a dark and thrilling supernatural manga series that has gained significant traction in Japan. It follows the story of two brothers who are cursed with immortality, one good and evil versions of each other playing out an endless battle between their wills. The primary character’s journey to uncover his past life provides much suspense in this unique tale full of twists, turns, action-packed moments as well as profound philosophical reflections on mortality itself. Created by acclaimed artist Hideo Yamamoto for Kodansha LTD., Homunculus spans 23 volumes taking readers through intense fights accompanied by captivating artwork along with deep psychological musings that lead up to powerful conclusions about destiny while also evoking awe at human strength amid adversity – making it one of the most compelling horror/fantasy seinen stories coming from Japan over recent years! If you’re looking for strikingly impressive art coupled with insightful character development arcs then look no further than Homunculus – showcasing how our darkest fears can be overcome even against insurmountable odds if approached head-on without capitulation or fearmongering – it’s certainly worth putting high on your reading list today!


Claymore is a dark manga that stands out from the crowd. It follows a female protagonist with incredible strength as she battles against swordsmen, monsters and supernatural beings in her quest to save humanity from an ancient evil force. The story takes place more than five centuries into our future where humans must face off periodically between Yoma (monsters) and Claymores—half-human/half-monster hybrids created by the mysterious Organization since medieval times to fight their wars for them. Through its deep characters, intense conflicts, unique worldbuilding and gripping romance arcs, this beloved classic keeps readers enthralled time after time! This dark fantasy series has been captivating fans around the globe for almost 15 years now; it’s no wonder why Claymore continues to be one of Japan’s best selling mangas today – not only does each volume promise exciting action sequences but also paints vivid scenes of life events within human settlements threatened by attack or destiny alike! With stunning artwork bringing every detail alive on paper – you really can’t pass up on reading this amazing adventure!

I Am A Hero

I Am a Hero is an acclaimed Japanese dark manga series written and illustrated by Kengo Hanazawa. Considered to be one of the best in its genre, this post-apocalyptic story follows Hideo Suzuki, a low paid Tokyo office worker who has resigned himself to his mundane life. Suddenly thrown into chaos after discovering that he had contracted an illness similar to zombieism known as ‘Hiruko’, Hideo must fight against terrifying odds for survival using only what weapons are available around him – most notably guns! Full of suspenseful action scenes and palpable horror elements throughout each chapter, I Am A Hero will have you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. With themes ranging from morality questions when it comes down to taking human lives to preserve them instead – all wrapped up with genuinely creative artwork – this book offers something truly unique among other dystopian riveting reads out there today. Become enthralled in a new kind of heroic battle full of loveable characters you can’t help but get emotionally invested within their stories; I Am A Hero sets itself apart as being more than just another entertaining read—it’s a heartfelt reflection upon our own humanity too!


Berserk is a dark fantasy manga and anime series written by Kentaro Miura. It follows the adventures of Guts, an exiled mercenary who has no home to call his own. Berserk takes place in its own unique world where mediaeval technology exists alongside magic and supernatural creatures. The series focuses on themes such as existentialism, nihilism, isolation, betrayal, and friendship set against the backdrop of a brutal war between humans and monsters. With intense action scenes combined with heartbreaking drama throughout its chapters – readers can expect themselves to be taken for an emotional rollercoaster ride that will keep them enthralled till they finish! For those wanting something different from their manga fix – Berserk offers not only stunning artwork but also fantastic character development filled with morally grey characters trying desperately yet failing at redemption or understanding life itself! So come explore this epic journey full of suspenseful moments which promise joys along with sorrows; all presented through beautiful art has done justice by brilliantly crafted stories ready to take you away into another realm – behold – “The Golden Age Arc”.

Made in Abyss

Made in Abyss, it is considered one of the best dark mangas. Written by Akihito Tsukushi and illustrated by Hiroya Oku, this manga follows two young children exploring a mysterious abyss – their adventure filled with wonders and dangers. As Riko and Reg travel deeper into this unexplored chasm, they discover its secrets hidden beneath strange creatures known as “White Whistles,” all while uncovering artifacts left behind from years ago. The story has a fantastic depth that will keep readers hooked until the very end – making it an essential read for any fan looking for something unique yet thrilling at the same time! With stunning artwork that can capture even the darkest moments of danger lurking around every corner – you’ll be taken on a journey unlike anything else right now! This acclaimed series also won the Japanese Media Arts Award’s Grand Prize in 2017 due to its captivating storytelling & remarkable art style- so if you’re curious about what lies within these depths, Made in Abyss should be your first stop!

Blood on the tracks

Blood on the Tracks is one of the best dark manga series available. An expertly crafted horror story combined with intense psychological and philosophical themes, this adaptation from author Ryōsuke Tomoe creates an atmosphere that will leave your skin crawling. Following a young girl’s search for her missing father in post-WWII Japan, Blood On The Tracks plunges into surrealism as she stumbles upon strange creatures living beneath the city streets – all while being tracked by mysterious government agents. This gripping tale of suspense and terror also contemplates what it means to be human amidst society’s darkest moments. Each chapter builds upon another until reaching its nerve-wracking conclusion, making Blood on The Tracks not only one of today’s most daring titles but essential reading for fans looking to experience something truly unique within their home libraries! With stunning artwork seamlessly blending Japanese folklore alongside industrial elements—and plenty of monsters along for the ride—the journey has never been more riveting or unpredictable than now! So don’t miss out; pick up your copy today and join this unforgettable struggle against fate!


Hellsing is one of the best dark manga out there. It tells a story packed with gothic horror, supernatural powers, and vampires galore. The protagonist, Alucard, is an ancient vampire who works for Hellsing Organization, which specializes in dealing with monsters and other evil creatures. He will do whatever it takes to protect his master from any threat that comes their way, no matter how dangerous or complicated the task may be – even if it means fighting against armies of ghouls! With riveting fight scenes full of suspenseful action & demonic battles, this series stands apart as one of the most thrilling reads you can get your hands on. Combined with its epic narrative arc, solid characters, and incredible artwork, it makes Hellsing a must-read for anyone looking for an unforgettable reading experience!

The Horizon

The Horizon is a dark manga that captures the hearts and minds of readers everywhere. It follows two protagonists, Mina and David, fighting for humanity’s survival in an apocalyptic future where humans war with robots over limited resources. Through their struggles, we witness hope, despair, love, and loss – so powerful that you feel each page will be your last. The combination of intelligent writing by Seong-min Lee and breathtaking illustrations makes The Horizon one of the best mangas today. With gripping plot twists in every chapter, this captivating read takes you to a sci-fi world filled with dynamic action sequences that bring its dystopian universe alive! Through intense battles or exciting conversations between its characters, few pages pass without affecting our emotions profoundly – making us crave more after experiencing such a unique storytelling style found in The Horizon Manga.


Himizu is one of the best dark manga series out there. Written uniquely and captivatingly by an experienced mangaka, Himizu has quickly become one of Japan’s most popular edgy stories about life on the edge. The main characters are teenagers living in Tokyo who have struggled to find their place due to family issues, financial struggles, and social pressure. With its realistic depictions and a strong story arc that will leave readers feeling emotionally connected to each character’s journey, this manga series offers something exciting for those looking for an intense read outside of fantasy or sci-fi genres. Despite its sometimes bleak themes, such as violence, poverty, and broken families, what lies beneath it all is hope —unexpected but incredibly powerful— which makes reading Himizu even more rewarding than other similar works from different authors. If you’re searching for a new experience with emotional depth while exploring contemporary Japanese culture, don’t hesitate to try ‘Himzu’ because these pages offer much more than just entertainment: they provide real insight into modern Japan while staying rooted in tradition!

Die Wergelder

Die Wergelder is a critically acclaimed dark fantasy manga series written and illustrated by Tsutomu Takahashi. It follows the journey of three characters, two sisters and their mysterious guardian, as they search for answers about their past. The trio finds themselves in fantastic locations like underground cities filled with strange creatures while being pursued by sinister forces intent on capturing them. Die Wergelder features intense action scenes that shift from gritty battles to otherworldly backdrops, all brought together through its beautiful artwork style. It often looks more like an oil painting than a comic book panel page. This unique combination makes it one of the best dark manga out there today, offering readers something exceptional that has earned it plenty of acclaim from fans worldwide. If you’re looking for an exhilarating read full of mystery and suspense, check out Die Wergelder!

I sold my life for ten thousand yen per year

I Sold My Life for ten thousand yen per year is an acclaimed dark manga that centers around a high school student selling his life for ten thousand yen per year. It’s been called the best drama and psychological thriller of its kind, as it combines stunning visuals with imaginative plot twists and robust character development. The story follows Takashi Tsuruoka, who suddenly discovers he can sell parts of his life in exchange for money. He quickly finds himself surrounded by mysterious individuals willing to trade their own lives or items in return for what they need most: power, status, help – even justice! This unique experience allows us to explore the idea of sacrifice through tragedy and comedy, along with intense action scenes like you’ve never seen before! From heart-stopping chases on rooftops to wild classroom brawls – this manga has something for everyone looking into finding out how far people are willing to go when it comes to survival & morality amidst corruption & greed. I Sold My Life for ten thousand yen per year is a thrilling series perfect for suspenseful entertainment combined with incredible artwork created by Eiji Otsuka’€’s studio ‘MWAM.’ So join our protagonist Takashi as he embarks on a journey filled with danger where nowhere will be safe from those trying desperately to ensure their agenda prevails no matter the cost!


Wolfsmund is an epic dark manga written and illustrated by Mitsuhisa Kuji. It tells the story of a former soldier, Wolfgang, who seeks revenge after being betrayed during his mission to save a princess from captivity. The plot thickens as he discovers that not everyone can be trusted in this new world – with hidden motives lurking at every turn! With its breathtakingly beautiful art style and intense action sequences, Wolfsmund stands out among other dark mangas for its unique storytelling style. Its mix of historical fiction and fantasy makes it one of the best stories available on modern manga shelves today! This thrilling tale takes readers on a powerful journey through tragedy, betrayal, and ultimately redemption, all told with gripping artwork full of details, making each page hard to forget or put down once you start reading! A must-read if you’re searching for something different than your typical shounen series & have had enough slice-of-life storylines already – Wolfsmund will keep you coming back time again with its emotionally deep characters unable to resist their fate while trying to stay true to their values even when everything’s against them Overall, this fantastic masterpiece makes up perhaps the most remarkable example of how incredible landscapes filled with both inspiring beauty & fearsome battles could look like: fueled by heartfelt emotions throughout its pages, which appeal to any reader looking for genuine adventure combined with outstanding visuals unlike anything seen before. I recommend to anyone interested in bettering their experience what was dedicated ages ago to someone passionate about creating genuinely unforgettable pieces of literature