Best Comedy Manga Review-

Gintama By Hideaki Sorachi

Best Comedy Manga

Gintama is an award-winning comedy manga series created and illustrated by Hideaki Sorachi. It has been in serialization since 2003, with more than 50 million copies published worldwide. The story follows the wacky adventures of oddball samurai Gintoki Sakata as he takes on various jobs alongside his friends Shinpachi Shimura and Kagura to keep their homeland from falling into chaos—all while getting caught up in a variety of hilarious antics along the way! From its engaging characters to its quirky plot lines, this much-loved series is sure to have fans laughing out loud at every page turn. Whether it’s solving mysteries or encountering aliens, there’s never a dull moment when reading Gintama. With multiple volumes available now for purchase online and easy access through popular streaming services such as Crunchyroll, readers can experience all that this unique comedic title has to offer anytime they want! Fans will love investing their time into one of Japan’s most beloved manga classics today!

Beelzebub By Ryuhei Tamura

Beelzebub is a popular and critically acclaimed comedy manga series that offers an exciting, laugh-out-loud ride. The story follows Oga Tatsumi, the delinquent “strongest juvenile” who finds himself living with Beelzebub – literally translated as Lord of the Flies – and raising him to become more human through odd jobs, insane battles, crazy pranks, and explosions! With incredible fight scenes filled with outlandish weapons like baby bottles loaded with chili sauce or hula hoops fired from launchers rockets, this work promises relentless pacing throughout its run. Besides action sequences there are also plenty of comedic moments centering around Beelzebub behaving like any other child his age might; playing computer games in class instead of paying attention to lectures & convincing teachers of sweets while using his powers as leverage are just some examples of what readers can expect when exploring this award winning title. Whether it be shock factor humor which often borders on vulgarity that speaks out loud adolescent nostalgia stories about school life shenanigans anchored by strong character growth across multiple arcs — fans won’t want to miss reading Beezebubb if looking for fine example classic shonen gag manga executed masterfully!

Grand Blue By Kenji Inoue

Grand Blue is one of the best comedy manga series out there. Written and illustrated by Kenji Inoue, it follows a college student named Iori Kitahara who moves into his uncle’s dive shop in Grand Blue – an oceanside town near Tokyo. Through wild parties and hijinks with friends, he suddenly finds himself swept up in an adventure between two rival diving clubs battling to be the greatest! The plot may seem silly but this high-energy comedy offers moments that make you laugh while giving thoughtful looks at life after graduation. There are plenty of relatable characters with their own interesting backgrounds making it very enjoyable for readers both old and new as they meet each other onscreen for some hilarious escapades! Overall Grand Blue is not only just plain comical fun but also allows us all to relate back to our post-college days filled with laughs & memories we’ll never forget – either way; whether you were born ready or have yet to join them, you can still enjoy multiple layers of entertainment from endearing relationships until unforgettable love stories because no matter what age YOU ARE GRAND BLUE IS THE BEST COMEDY MANGA OUT THERE FOR ANYONE TO ENJOY!!

GTO By Tooru Fujisawa

GTO – A Must Read for All Manga Fans! Get ready to laugh out loud as you read one of the greatest comedy manga ever written. GTO, or Great Teacher Onizuka, is a classic series full of outrageous classroom antics and hilarious hijinks that will have readers laughing from start to finish. Written by best-selling author Tohru Fujisawa in 1997, this beloved manga has been translated into many languages including English and Chinese. It follows the story of former gang leader Eikichi Onizuka who decides he wants to become a teacher instead – taking over an entire class at Holy Forest Academy where his unorthodox methods often land him in unpredictable situations! With charming characters like Murai Yoshito (Onizuka’s student) and Urumi Kanzaki (the school nurse), there are plenty of laughs throughout every chapter; GTO also deals with more serious themes such as friendship & loyalty which make it stand out amongst other comedic genres too. So if you want an enjoyable read packed with laughter then look no further than GTO–it truly is top-quality entertainment combined with thought-provoking content that can be appreciated by fans old & new alike!

Bakuman By Tsugumi Ohba

Bakuman is one of the best comedy manga available. Written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata, this series follows a pair of high school students as they take on an ambitious goal – to become successful comic book writers for Shonen Jump magazine! With its dynamic storyline and charming characters, Bakuman quickly became popular amongst readers around the world. The series won several awards including Best General Manga at Kodansha’s 37th Annual Manga Award ceremony in 2011. Its creative use of humor to address themes such as friendship, hard work, and determination makes it both witty & captivating with something for everyone; whether you’re already familiar with mangaka or new to them altogether. Readers will find themselves fully immersed in every hilarious moment along these two teens’ journey toward success while learning valuable lessons about life through their experiences together! Whether you’re looking for some light-hearted entertainment after a long day or just need something upbeat yet meaningful reading material – Bakuman has it all; making sure that your experience of staying up late flipping pages never felt more worthwhile!